I've always been curious about people and our relationships with various aspects of the world.

I’m an interactive designer, researcher, and technologist engaged in digital product development. Creating intuitive solutions that attract, intrigue, and delight people — by making workflows work.


Background story

I was born in Beijing, China and grew up in the Netherlands. Relating to different cultures taught me the importance of adaptability, perspective, and empathy. All of which, are important skills that I have brought with me into the world of design.
As a child, I loved drawing and making things, being curious about human behaviour and how to evoke positive emotions. I loved doing things that brought a smile to people's faces. The same passion extends to design for me in the present day — I help businesses to imagine, design and build digital products and experiences that people love to use.

When I’m happy at work

Over the years as a designer, I discovered that I’m at my best and most satisfied when I’m working at the intersection of disciplines, kickstarting things and making the complex simple. I’m motivated by product teams with a shared vision, creating high-quality digital products, who love to challenge themselves and each other.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with a wide variety of clients ranging from corporate and public sector to start- and scale-ups.

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A little better every day.

2023 – Contributed to the inception of the new Achmea design system.
2022 – Helped Tio launch a new brand experience that boosts conversion.
2021 – Selected for the top 500 digital talent of the Netherlands by TNW.
2020 – Made workflows work for Vattenfall's (NL) main sales flow channel.
2019 – Presented my minor for Dutch municipalities and Interreg (EU).
2018 – Flew to Shanghai for a 10-day abroad project with Donghua University.
2017 – Won 2 awards for a multidisciplinary study project and a hackathon.
2016 – Started coaching and educating other upcoming design students.
2015 – Became a student at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.
2014 – Developed my first website in HTML and CSS (it was far from pretty).
2013 – Made my first games in GameMaker (2D-RPG) and CryEngine (3D-FPS).
2012 – Designed my first logo in Microsoft Paint (dribbble.com/shots/5700928).

When I’m offline, you’ll probably find me running outside, in the gym, cooking a meal, reading, or listening to my vinyl player.

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For more details check my resume or my design journal. How about you. Fancy a chat? Find me on Linkedin or get in touch via e-mail.

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