STIP Delft • Visual Design System

STIP Delft • Visual Design System

As a freelance designer, I contribute to the branding and social media marketing of the local political party STIP Delft. Founded in 1993, STIP is run entirely by students and currently has six seats in the city council. Although the party is run by students — most of them studying at Delft University of Technology, it is a party for all inhabitants of Delft and gives "a young view at an old city". I am currently working on their campaign and branding for upcoming years. With the end goal of leaving a design system behind before I finish my work around October 2020.

STIP Delft • Branding & Marketing

Jan 2018 - Jan 2020 · Visit website
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Redefined the brand experience of a political party

As a freelancer at STIP Delft, I oversaw the branding, social media marketing, and communications of the political party with the council, ensuring alignment with STIP's mandate and vision. As the only designer/producer, I took on a diverse set of activities and deliverables; refining the logo, photography, iconography, copywriting, motion design, and a brand book with guidelines, tools, and processes.
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Generated traction on Instagram

Instagram @stipdelft is their main platform. My activities range from conversion rate optimization to video production, and everything else PR-related (both front- and back office).
I for example...
  • Created new instagram stories, resulting in thousands of views.
  • Contributed to tripling the amount of followers.

Built a design system

I’m currently working on a brand identity system for STIP, with the starting point currently being 100+ slides with resources.Including guidelines for things like the logo, color, typography, print, imagery, video, social media and various templates.

Developed the STIP website is created by me and a council member, together we are responsible for design and development. Things we worked on:
  • Update logo, fonts, colors, icons, text and images.
  • Create hover animations for buttons and blog posts.
  • Add pages regarding our vision and mission.
Work in progress:
  • An informational page regarding ‘how to join STIP’.
  • Full redesign including the STIP branding for 2020.
  • Create and link more content formats to the website.
  • Improve the responsive web design functionalities.

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